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Vegetarian Menu

Hors d'oeuvre

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Thai vegatarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce


Pak Tod

Crispy vegatable tempura with sweet chilli sauce


Larb Tao Hu

Spicy deep-fried tofu salad with lime dressing


Tom Kha Tao Hu

Tofu & coconut milk soup with mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, chilles and lime juice


Tom Yum Hed

Clear aromatic mushroom soup flavoured with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and a final squeeze of lime juice. A creamy version of the soup is also available on order - made with added coconut milk and chilli oil



Chu Chi Pak

Vegetable stir-fried with curry spices with coconut and coconut milk

£8.40 (with tofu £8.95)

Gaeng Lychee

Tofu, lychee, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, peppers and kaffir lime leaves cooked in creamy curry sauce


Gaeng Pak

Red or green vegetable curry with coconut milk

£8.40 (with tofu £8.95)

Main Course

Praew Wan Pak

Assorted vegetables sautéed with juicy chunks of pineapple, and sweet & sour sauce

£8.40, with tofu £8.95

Tao Hu Pud Med Mamuang

Tofu, roasted cashew nuts, mushrooms, red and green peppers lightly sautéed in soya sauce.


Tao Hu Pud Kaprow

A spicy Thai dish made with tofu, hot basil leaves, onions, fresh chilles, red and green peppers


Pud Puk

Seasonal vegetables stir-fried in soya sauce until slightly crunchy


Song Sa-Hi

Fresh asparagus and mushrooms lightly seasoned and stir-fried in sesame oil

£7.35, with tofu £7.85

Puk Choi Namman Hoi

Puk Choi (Chinese vegetable) sautéed in soya sauce with a hint of fresh chilli & garlic

£7.45, with tofu £7.95

Rice & Noodle

Kao Pud Rumwong

Rumwong's special fried rice with raisins, peas & carrots

£8.40, with eggs £8.95

Kao Pud Pak Ruam

Fried rice with assorted vegetables in soya sauce, garnished with coriander

£8.40, with eggs £8.95

Kao Pud Supparod

A nice combination of fried rice and pineapple garnished with crispy croutons

£8.40, with eggs £8.95

Pud Thai

The famous fried noodle dish with bean sprouts, peanuts & chopped salted turnips

£8.40, with eggs £8.95

Tao Hu Pud Thai

Rumwong's signature pud thai dish made with eggs, chunky tofu, bean sprouts, peanuts & salted turnips


Pud See-Iew

A great noodle stir-fry made with rice vermicelli, soya sauce and broccoli

£8.40, with eggs £8.95

Sen Mee Rad Nar

Lightly sautéed rice vermicelli topped with soya sauce and broccoli


Mee Grob Rad Nar

Crispy egg noodles topped with soya sauce and broccoli


Koew Tiew Pud

Plain egg noodles with a touch of soya sauce, bean sprouts and seasonal greens


Kao Suey

Steamed Jasmine rice


Kao Pud

Egg fried rice


Kao Niew

Steamed sticky rice


Kao Ob King

Aromatic fried rice with fry ginger