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À la carte Menu


66. Talay pud nam-man hoi

Prawns, squids and scallops stir-fried with mashrooms, green beans, spring onions, carrots and oyster sauce


67. Talay pud namprig pao

Prawns, scallops and squids sautéed in roasted sweet chilli sauce, red and green peppers


68. Talay pud kaprow

Typical spicy Thai dish made with prawns, scallops and squids, green beans, fresh chillies, peppers and hot basi leaves



69. Ped yang

Rumwong's special roast duck served off-the-bone with soya sauce, pickled ginger, chinese cabbage and fresh cucumber slices


70. Ped pud med mamuang

Slices of duck stir-fry with roasted cashew nuts, spring onions, onions, mushrooms, red and green peppers


71. Ped pud kaprow

Typical spicy Thai dish made with slices of duck stir-fried with spring onions, onions, fresh chillies, peppers and basil leaves


72. Praew wan ped

Duck stir-fry with juicy chunks of pineapples, mango, assorted vegetables, peppers and sweet & sour sauce